My love for jewelry making began during my studies at the academy of fine arts. There I came in touch with goldsmithing and learned the lost wax casting technique. I loved it from the very first minute – especially melting solid metal, seeing how it gets fluid and giving it the form I wanted to. And it kept me under its spell to this day.

Inspired by the beautiful, but extincted 3D pins from the 80s, I was dreaming of giving Heavy Metal merchandise back some quality. Several bands and festivals seem to identify with this idea aswell, which always develops into fertile collaborations. (Looking forward to many more!)

All pieces are completely made by my own hands – from modelling the pattern to casting the metal, filing and doing the finishing.

Besides commissioned works for bands etc. I am creating my own jewelry fitting for heavy metal maniacs, art freaks and myth enthusiasts. Also nature lovers will find a piece for themselves – on my forest tours I collect plants and dead animals and preserve their fleeting beauty by casting it in solid metal.

I love the aesthetics of the hideous, so I am not trying to let my jewelry look immaculate. I prefer an artistic signature, little irregularities and a touch of rawness over soulless seeming, too overworked pieces where you can’t tell if they’re man- or machine-made. That’s the magic of craftsmanship.

From time to time, my hands also need to draw or paint or whatsoever – so all the different kinds of creative outcome are offered here on my website – just for your EYE or for PURCHASE.

Thank you for your interest in my work and for your support, I appreciate it very much!